On-Site HVTS Cladding

IGS’s HVTS solutions

IGS’s HVTS solutions upgrade existing metallurgy to higher alloys that provide a barrier to mitigate corrosion and / or erosion in mission critical equipment around the world. We use high grade alloys such as Inconel® 622, Inconel® 625, Inconel® 825 and Hastelloy® C276, and we modify them to provide optimal material characteristics for your specific equipment and environment. This alloy modification is essential to success of these material types when applied with thermal spray processes, as the materials are significantly changed through rapid heating, oxidation, and cooling.

IGS modified alloys meet or exceed the performance characteristics of their wrought alloy analogs after application.  HVTS can be used as an alternative to weld metal overlay (WMO) or organics since the IGS technology is more flexible and cost effective. IGS HVTS is a robust solution that can extend the life of existing equipment.


HVTS vs. Competing Technologies

The HVTS application is significantly faster than weld metal overlay. Combine that with material and labor savings, and the HVTS solution provides excellent up-front cost reduction and long-term ROI. These time and cost savings are often as much as 50% compared to other technologies. Furthermore, HVTS doesn’t create a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and therefore will require no post weld heat treating (PWHT) as with weld overlay applications, saving more time and putting your equipment under less stress.

IGS HVTS has one major advantage against organic coating: HVTS does not require any curing time or bake out. HVTS is also insensitive to atmospheric temperature and humidity, this means HVTS application can reduce critical path turnaround time by up to ten days, bringing your unit back into operation that much sooner. HVTS does not have the low service temperature limitations that organic coatings do, as metal coatings can withstand much harsher environments, and are resistant to impact damage that may commonly occur during a turnaround.

IGS Experience in On-Site Corrosion Prevention

IGS is the industry leader in on-site corrosion protection for mission critical equipment. Operating on site, in turnarounds and shutdowns and in confined spaces is a challenging requirement. This is the primary work of IGS.

We have performed over 4,000 site projects and installed millions of square feet of reliable surface protection with metal cladding for our customers, wherever they are around the world. Our ability to extend the life of existing equipment provides our customers with a great opportunity to protect their existing boilers and vessels and avoid costly replacement without sacrificing long-term reliability.

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