Elevating Space Exploration Through Innovation and Technology

Cetek: Reliable Space Exploration

IGS supports space exploration companies in achieving their ambitious targets. With a rich history of collaboration and innovation, Cetek high emissivity coatings have become the recognized solution for the extreme operating environment of space shuttle nozzles, control surfaces, industrial furnaces, and transfer lines.

Since the first project in 2014, Cetek coatings have been utilized for their performance and durability by the world’s most renowned private and public spaceflight companies.

Commitment to Aerospace Excellence

IGS’s partnership approach includes technical expertise, advanced material science, technologies and comprehensive testing conducted at its R&D Laboratory in Richmond, VA. This commitment has positioned IGS as a key technology partner in the aerospace sector, trusted by innovative companies seeking reliability and excellence in their thermal solutions.

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A Legacy of Support and Innovation

IGS forges lasting partnerships that drive innovation and support the extraordinary objectives of space exploration firms. Their robust R&D capabilities and continuous pursuit of excellence demonstrate dedication to this sector.


“The high emissivity coating was instrumental in advancing the radiation-cooled metallic nozzle extension for the J-2X Upper Stage Engine. It not only exceeded our thermal performance expectations but also brought significant design efficiency and weight reduction to the table.”

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Why do Spaceflight Companies Choose IGS?

The biggest names in space exploration choose to partner with IGS due to its versatility and capacity for innovation. IGS’s Cetek high emissivity coatings are a product of the continuous advancements of the technology made possible by its state-of-the-art laboratory and team of scientists.


A Commitment to Sustainability and People

Explore how IGS’s dedication to innovation, partnerships, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices drives forward business operations and future endeavours.

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