Hot Refractory Repair Services

Hot Heater Refractory Repair Making Access

Hot Refractory Repair Services may be made by making access through the heater steel shell directly behind the damaged area. Minimal openings are used to insert specially designed components to support the repair material. This technique offers a semi-permanent repair method, since we provide the high quality refractory material with full structural reinforcement.


Failure of refractory material can lead to energy wastage, poor performance and even complete fired heater shutdown.


We offer several options in online heater refractory maintenance that can be performed while the furnace is at operating temperature. All types of hot refractory repair services offer exceptionally fast payback, compared to the costs associated with conventional repairs which require the heater be shut down.

Fired Heater Shutdown Prevented with Hot Refractory Repair

Online Furnace Refractory Repair Using Existing Access Points

Furnace refractory repairs may also be made using existing access points and a Hot Gunning, or Hot Fiber Spray technique, in combination with Hot-tek’s hot inspection service. If access points are not available, our Hot Access Creation may be used as an integral part of the refractory repair process. In some applications, Hot-tek’s hot inspection service is used to see hard to reach areas of the fired heater.