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IGS is recognized worldwide for its proprietary High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) alloy cladding. Our boiler tube cladding service is available to power plants across the United States to prevent corrosion and erosion and extend the useful operating life of your boilers.

Fit-for-Service Boiler Tubes in 3 Easy Steps…

  1. Send your boiler tubes to our workshop in Richmond, Virginia, or we can apply the cladding at a third-party workshop or on-site at your facility.
  2. IGS technicians apply High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) in accordance with the pre-agreed scope.
  3. IGS ships your boiler components back to your facility. The whole process is usually completed within two weeks.

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What is HVTS?

High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) is IGS’ proprietary alloy cladding which upgrades existing metallurgy to higher alloys. It acts as a reliable corrosion and erosion-resistant barrier for Pulverized Coal-fired (PC) and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler tubes.

HVTS atomizes the proprietary wire feedstock in a supersonic gas stream, producing a cladding that consists of flat and tightly packed micro-sized particles. In contrast, conventional thermal spray has a more open microstructure which can lead to premature failure and cracking of the cladding.

Which Boiler Components Can You Clad?

We can clad any number and configuration of boiler tubes. Some frequently requested components include:

  • Waterwalls
  • Coutant Slopes
  • Sootblower Panels
  • Nose Arch
  • Superheats and Platens
  • Hanger Tubes
  • Economizers

Does HVTS Distort or Shrink Boiler Panels?

No. There is low heat input which prevent distortion or shrinkage of boiler panels and tubes.

How Does HVTS Compare to Inconel 622?

HVTS is a more robust system than Inconel 622 in terms of fireside corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. In fact, the HVTS chrome level is nearly double of Inconel 622 and is thirteen times more abrasion resistant.

Which Boiler Materials Can HVTS be Applied to?

The HVTS cladding can be installed over any boiler tube material including SS and T91 (tubes that require pre- and post-weld heat treatment).

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our shop work thermal spray boiler tube cladding service varies in cost. It is dependent on the size and quantity of components, expedited shipping requirements, and the location of the application. To receive a tailored quote within 24 hours, contact our Power Sales Team.

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To receive a tailored quote within 24 hours, contact our Power Sales Team

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