Hot Convection Cleaning

Removing Convection Section Fouling & Scale During Furnace Operation

Is the convection section in your fired heater suffering from sub-par performance? Low steam production, low process pre-heat, and high stack temperature are some of the symptoms of fouled tubes.

Our Cetek Hot Convection Cleaning process removes convection section tube fouling & scale during furnace operation. The tube cleaning process uses consumable abrasive media projected through specially designed application lances to blast away years of accumulation, while the heater is in service.

In some applications we use Cetek’s Lancescope™ system to see hard to reach areas. In addition, we have capability to safely create engineered access ports to facilitate the hot convection section cleaning process and for future access. Cetek online convection tube cleaning is efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe for the removal of years of fouling and scale without interruption to production.

Typical Results of the Hot Convection Cleaning Process

• Increased heat transfer efficiency in convection section
• Increased steam production
• Increased process pre-heat
• Lower stack temperatures


Before vs After Hot Convection Section Cleaning during Furnace Operation

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