Cetek Ceramic Technologies

Cetek were the pioneers in the introduction, development, and use of high emissivity ceramic coatings in industrial furnaces, dating back to the 1970’s. Most heavy industries where high temperature furnaces and equipment are instrumental in production processes, have seen the benefit from ceramic coating applications to refractories and metal components, in the form of significant radiant and conductive heat transfer efficiency improvements.

Increased production efficiencies lead to energy savings in fired heaters and elimination of process bottlenecks. Reduced emissions of NOx and CO2 help the environment, and the prevention of oxidation, carburization, and various types of corrosion lead to an extension of component life.

Cetek Ceramic Coatings

Cetek ceramic coatings have been utilized to resolve fired heater production bottlenecks for decades. Hundreds of units have improved throughput, extended reliability and tube life from our inert, non-catalytic and water based ceramic coatings.

Professionally applied ceramic coatings to the appropriate surface area will ensure long term productivity benefits and service life.  Multiple benefits are available from the coating to meet changing market conditions including increased catalyst yield, elevated process severity (octane boost), fuel savings or even utilizing a leaner/lower cost feedstock are commonplace.

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Process Tubes

Regardless of metallurgy, process tubes suffer from continuous fouling/scale formation resulting in lower production rates and /or excessive fuel consumption from burner over firing. Cetek ceramic coating brings the tubes back to an as-new condition for an extended period thus ensuring optimum and uniform heat transfer. Operational limitations from elevated bridgewall temperatures, tube metal temps. or fired duty are resolved from this durable and protective coating.


Our Experience

Our customer typically operates fired heaters in midstream/ downstream refining, aromatics/BTX plants and ammonia manufacturing sites. Optimizing throughput under safe and reliable operating conditions is vital to plant profitability and coatings make a meaningful impact in support of this goal. Our years of field experience, numerous papers and application-based case studies speak to the validated benefits from Cetek ceramic technology.