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On-site Thermal Spray Coatings

In-situ corrosion protection

There are many different technologies that can be utilized to provide surface protection solutions for mission critical equipment. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be well understood by customers so they can make the best decision for their unique facility.  Most of the world’s largest energy and power companies partner with IGS to benefit from our unique technologies, industry experts and decades of experience to make better decisions on what technologies to use for their mission critical process equipment.

On-site applications provide a different set of challenges than those of shop applied solutions, as most shop technologies are not easily transferred into a challenging site environment. IGS excels at successful application of its proprietary and robust application technologies and materials in the field, and in the most difficult environments.  Integral to our success is a large, highly trained and experienced full time work force that can be deployed around the world at short notice to meet our customers’ needs.

Corrosion occurs in installed, brownfield, and other equipment in many different environments and industries. Finding a solution to protect this equipment is the best way to maximize ROI. Replacing equipment is a costly undertaking, requiring significant planning, man hours, and a full assessment of various factors such as lost generation time, new equipment, installation and breakdown costs. IGS believes that corrosion solutions need to be easily applied to existing equipment, before replacement becomes necessary. We have the technology and infrastructure to make this happen.

The Art of Thermal Spray Coating On-Site vs Shop

The majority of the global thermal spray market is primarily shop based where equipment and technology is designed for automated, clean and open workspaces. Working on-site is the opposite. You are often faced with confined spaces, dusty environments, and a manual workforce with equipment that needs to be robust enough to withstand the harsh environment. IGS equipment is specifically designed to operate in small confined spaces with 100% duty cycle for continued use during a customer’s turnaround. By far the biggest operational challenge for working in-situ is the workforce and rapid mobilization needs. IGS’s global infrastructure is optimized for this and is very important in our ability to respond to customers’ needs wherever in the world they may be. Our teams undergo industry leading training and certification to prepare them for working on some of the largest kraft mills, coal, and oil companies around the world in some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our teams are experts at working in confined spaces to address some of the most severe corrosion and erosion challenges.

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