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Cooling Part Corrosion

Sulfidation of cooling parts in metals and mining processing facilities may occur, exacerbated by HCl gas. Corrosion rates as high as 80 mm/y can be observed when the metal is exposed to the sulfide gas at 110°C/ 230°F. This observation suggests that sulfide alone can cause severe corrosion even at moderate temperatures. When HCl is added, the corrosion rate is enhanced above 112°C/ 233°F, and pitting corrosion is observed.


The solution to Cooling Part Corrosion

Dew point corrosion, high-temperature sulfidation, slagging, acid attack and solid particle erosion can be effectively mitigated with IGS HVTS.

Developed for safe on-site application IGS HVTS can be used to permanently stop metal wastage, preventing the need to cut and replace the metal parts or continuously reapply low-performance coatings.

Global Metals & Mining smelters and refineries benefit from this innovative metal wastage solution in their pyrometallurgical furnaces, waste heat boilers, baghouses, off-gas ducting, ESPs, and stacks.

Engineered Alloys

IGS HVTS has been engineered specifically for the mining and mineral processing industry ensuring better bond strength and excellent corrosion resistance. HVTS prevents forced outages and increases maintenance-free periods.

“IGS have been applying their HVTS protection to our cooling parts since 2009, protecting them against sulphur vapour corrosion. Their service and speed of application have helped shorten and prevent many outages in our plant.”

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Eliminate Cooling Part Corrosion

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