Stop Process Vessel Corrosion

Refineries and Petrochemical Plants across the globe utilize HVTS, an IGS solution, to prolong the asset life of their high temperature and high pressure process equipment, including columns, towers, process vessels, separators and drums.

We specialise in:

Field-applied HVTS alloy cladding offers a robust solution where other technologies fall short.

IGS delivers commercial or technological benefits by mitigating:

  • Pitting corrosion
  • Amine and caustic corrosion
  • Erosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Metal dusting
  • Free fatty acid corrosion

What is HVTS?

  • Robust engineered NiCrMoXX metallurgy upgrade cladding that mitigates corrosion and erosion
  • Applied turnkey in situ using a true high velocity thermal spray process
  • Adopted by top refineries and chemical plants globally as a gold standard for surface protection

Key Benefits

No Risk of Application Failure 

HVTS does not experience failures that result from field welding or organic coating application by general contractors.

Total Asset Life Protection

HVTS offers lasting protection and does not require frequent reapplication. It will last for the duration of the asset life.

Peace of Mind & Technical Benefits

Each cladding is engineered for its intended environment. Inspections during normal operation are possible to verify integrity.

Commercial Benefits

HVTS delivers superior results at a fraction of the cost of vessel replacement or field welding.

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Your Asset Reliability | 5 Pillars of Success

At IGS, we work tirelessly to minimize risk and maximize value for our customers through all five critical aspects of our Engineered Surface Protection Solutions. You can count on IGS for Reliable Field Execution and Lasting Solution Performance.


Key Features of IGS HVTS:

  • No Dilution
  • No Pre- or Post-Heat Treatment Required
  • No Metal Distortion
  • Fast Application (3 times faster than welding)
  • High Temperature Immersion Service over 500C / 932F
  • Adhesion over 35 MPa
  • No Environmental Controls During Application
  • No Cure Time
  • No Permeation
  • No Pin Holes
Asset Life Extension

Our claddings offer lasting surface protection where alternative technologies fall short. IGS’s consistent service is the reason why asset owners across the globe in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical industries, among others, trust IGS with their mission critical equipment.

Faster Turnarounds

We understand the need to reduce critical path and successfully complete emergent and site discovery work. Our solutions do not require heat treatment, have no cure times and reduce future maintenance requirements. IGS retains a permanent team of experienced project managers and technicians who take pride in their work. We collaborate with EPCs, Licensors, and other vendors on site for a smooth and stress-free turnaround.

Engineered Alloys

Our HVTS (High Velocity Thermal Spray) Alloy Cladding systems are specifically engineered for their intended environments. IGS can replicate your process conditions and test the suggested cladding for your project in our state-of-the-art Technology Center in Richmond, Virginia.

Proven Experience

Since 1981, IGS have performed 1000s of reliability projects and have multiple references and testimonials that showcase our operations excellence. We solve challenging problems in the harshest environments with ease.

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