Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance Services for Coal and Biomass Burning Industrial Boilers

With decades of experience providing mechanical and refractory services in pulverized coal, CFB, and grate fired boilers in the US power industry, IGS had the knowledge to develop and implement the best industrial boiler maintenance services for each individual client.

We understand the difference between providing technical expertise for long-term solutions improving boiler capacity and efficiency and offering lesser repairs. IGS operate in strict compliance with ASME Section VIII and IX, our stringent Quality Control plan, and customer-specific requirements. We provide welding per our MIG, TIG, GMAW, and SMAW weld procedures. Our field service teams are non-union, which provides more self-sufficiency which leads to a more efficient and lower-cost model for our customers. Our industrial boiler maintenance services include metal spray coatings for life extension of the boiler, in addition to mechanical and refractory services.

IGS understands the dynamics of working in an outage, where every minute saved means fewer costs to the owner, and have developed both our US-based and our global infrastructure to meet all of our clients’ needs.

PC-Fired Boiler Repair

In PC-fired units, IGS has superior expertise in the backend of power plants in SDA chambers and SCR units. We have the capability to make metal repairs to the SDA chambers and apply our HVTS cladding to extend the life of the carbon steel. We have successfully performed these services for many utilities.

In terms of the SCR, IGS has services for improved performance and extended catalyst life. IGS can supply and install specially designed LPA screens upstream from the catalyst to protect against Large Particle Ash, and secondary screens over the catalyst for additional protection. IGS also provides expertise in removing catalyst layers and installing new layers in the SCR. We have performed numerous catalyst installation projects within the critical path outage schedule and within budget.


IGS Experience in Industrial Boiler Maintenance

IGS’s specialized boiler maintenance service team includes project managers, superintendents, foreman, safety managers, certified welders, mechanics, refractory technicians, metal spray technicians, and support labor to successfully complete any project in the United States. Significant investment has been made in equipment to ensure our ability to complete multiple projects at the same time, better meet our client’s schedules. We have performed maintenance services in Alstom, Pyropower, B&W, and Valmet boilers, both during new construction and after startup. IGS has a true industrial platform of service offerings to the power market, including improved materials and specifications for every client situation and environment.

Optimized Solutions for Boiler Repair from Richmond, VA

Over the past decade, we have leveraged our metal spray, mechanical, and refractory experience and knowledge to develop a customer-focused team for commercial ease of use, with an onsite project manager coordinating communications and scheduling, and with reliable and predictable performance in terms of budgets and schedules. Customers who view the reliability and dependability of their boilers as mission-critical to their revenue generation will experience the economic benefit of the IGS approach for maximum boiler reliability.  Located in Richmond, VA, IGS offers a turnkey approach for our metal spray, mechanical, and refractory maintenance services to our customer base in the United States.

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