Air Cannon Multiplier System

Maximum Cleaning Energy

The IGS multiplier system applies one single air cannon to a system that replaces multiple single traditional air cannons offering many benefits over traditional air cannon installation.

The cannon has the capability to deliver greater cleaning energy than standard air cannons which consist of a single air receiver tank with a firing/piston assembly to control the blast of compressed air. This increased energy leads to improved cleaning.

Benefits of the IGS Multiplier System

✔ One air cannon can replace up to eight individual air cannons.
✔ Greatly reduces maintenance costs by reducing the number of air cannons to be installed and maintained.
✔ Protects the air cannon from the heat and harmful effects of the process and manual cleaning.


Multiplier - SCR
SCR Air Cannon and Multiplier_Remote Mounted 3D
✔ Additional multipliers can be added much easier and cheaper than if you were adding another air cannon.
✔ If your maintenance worker doesn’t want to work on a cannon because the area is too hot or unsafe, then your air cannon internal components are suffering too.
✔ We advise that the cannon and multipliers be mounted in an area that is easily accessible and safe for any maintenance work to ensure they are functioning and cleaning properly.


One IGS Industrial Air Cannon Replaces Eight

We can replace eight (8) 150L industrial air cannons with one 300L multiplier with four Monster Nozzle discharge points. This system will cost less, clean more effectively, and eliminate workplace safety hazards.

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