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IGS Tube Tech Launches Mark 7 Convection Section Cleaning Rover

Mark 7 Rover System Launched Tube Tech, an IGS solution and the leader in premium cleaning and inspection solutions for oil and gas, petrochemical and agrochemical plants, is pleased to announce the launch of its Mark 7 fired heater convection...

Uncategorized Feb 7, 2024

HVTS vs. Twin Wire Arc Spray – What’s the Difference?

Twin wire arc spray (TWAS) and High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) are both thermal spray processes used for applying metal alloy cladding to surfaces, but they differ in terms of technology, bond strength, application speed, cost and maintenance requirements.  ...
Comparison Table of IGS (HVTS) versus Twin Wire Arc Spray
High Velocity Thermal Spray Conveyance Technology High velocity system Significant increase in performance (both erosion and corrosion resistance) Lower porosity of <2% Less coating stress Low permeability
Twin Wire Arc Spray Conveyance Technology Low velocity system Higher oxide content for interconnected oxides and increased porosity Higher porosity of >25% Greater coating stresses High permeability
High Velocity Thermal Spray Typical Alloys Inconel (Nickel Chrome Moly Tungsten based) for 8x better erosion resistance
Twin Wire Arc Spray Typical Alloys TSA, TSZ, Fe-based materials, not erosion resistant
High Velocity Thermal Spray Hardness Hardness of up to 1149 HVN100g which is approximately 170% harder than Twin Wire Arc Inconel
Twin Wire Arc Spray Hardness Hardness of 425 HVN100g
High Velocity Thermal Spray Maintenance Repairability means you can build-up the existing coating without stripping to bare carbon steel due to low coating stresses
Twin Wire Arc Spray Maintenance TWAS can also be repaired if required Bleed through occurs at 30 to 40 mils, requiring coating removal to bare carbon steel before coating

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2024

Pyrolysis Furnaces: A Guide to Optimize Performance

Introduction Steam Crackers play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring the efficient production of ethylene and propylene. In this blog, we will discuss the mechanics of these furnaces, exploring their temperature requirements, cracking process, and the significance of the...

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2023