Environmental Products

IGS SCR Solutions for Industrial Applications

IGS Environmental is a family of products specifically engineered to improve production efficiencies and reduce emissions in various applications throughout industrial sectors. These systems focus on elimination of fouling and/or material build-up in SCRs, ductwork, baghouses, Dry Scrubbers, and other critical production assets in in the Power, Energy, Agrochemical, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, and Cement industries.

Environmental Products


Fine Particle Screens

Fine particle screens remove fibrous particles such as refractory fibers and insulation fibers from the flue gas prior to reaching the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactor, preventing particles from building up on the catalyst layers and causing a reduction in efficiency and NOx removal.

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LPA Screens 

Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens remove LPA, also known as popcorn ash, from the flue gas prior to reaching the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactor. This prevents the rock-like particles from becoming lodged in the catalyst layers which can cause erosion and reduce NOx removal.

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Multiplier - SCR 1
Air Cannons

IGS’ wide range of air cannons are suitable for power or cement plants. The powerful and effective systems solve a wide variety of buildup accumulation problems in industrial equipment. Available with a range of nozzles, a multiplier system, and retrofit systems, our team is on hand to optimize your air cannon system to meet your unique requirements.

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Ceramic Refractory Coating

IGS Cetek’s high emissivity ceramic coatings applied to the refractory surfaces reduces flue gas temperature and leads to a 30-40% reduction in thermal NOx emissions. The refractory coating encapsulates ceramic fiber particles and prevents the fouling of catalysts in SCR units.

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IGS Catflow screens and air cannon nozzles
CatFlow™ Screens

The IGS CatFlow screen system is designed to replace the catalyst screen located above the catalyst module. The screen improves safety during maintenance and inspection, saves time during installation and inspection due to its ease of handling, stops both combustion and non-combustion LPA from reaching the catalyst, and repels ash accumulation.

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Hot Vacuum Service

IGS Cetek offers its patent-pending Hot Vacuum Service for efficient cleaning of catalyst banks in SCR units. Our service extends to steam methane reformers and other fired heaters, ensuring uninterrupted production. With rapid cost payback, our solution delivers superior cleaning for SCR catalyst banks during operation.

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Hot Vacuum Service SCR catalyst HVS
Field Services

IGS Environmental offers a variety of field services, such as: turn-key installation service, installation supervision, site inspections, and product management programs. Our field services ensure the equipment is installed, maintained and replaced properly. Customers who employ our equipment and field services are eligible for unmatched warranty protection.

Warranty Protection

When you contract IGS to provide solutions for cleaning systems, IGS provides an aggressive warranty protection plan known as the IGS Clean Guarantee. It guarantees a standard of cleanliness and provides compensation if that standard is not met. This protection plane underscores our confidence in our specialized and comprehensive cleaning solutions.

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