LPA Screens

Upgrade Your LPA Screens to Improve System Performance, Maximize Life, and Reduce Maintenance Costs

Commonly used in solid fuel industries, IGS® Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens remove LPA, also known as popcorn ash, from the flue gas prior to reaching the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactor. This prevents the rock-like particles from becoming lodged in the catalyst modules which causes the catalyst to plug resulting in fly ash accumulation, extreme pressure drops, and reduces NOx.

Why is LPA Screen Maintenance Important?

In many cases, LPA screens are not maintained until large failures are present, allowing LPA to reach the SCR. LPA screens are like brake pads; you must change them before they wear out. A small amount of LPA can create a large build-up problem in the SCR. It’s imperative that screens last between outage cycles. IGS provides maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement planning. with many programs available.


LPA Screens solve these common problems:

  • SCR ash build-up or piling
  • High pressure drop
  • System derates
  • High cost of offline cleaning
  • Environmental compliance
  • NOx reduction
  • Ammonia slip/ consumption

Large Particle Ash (LPA) Filtration Systems

The first and most crucial step for SCR cleanliness is preventing LPA from reaching the reactor. That’s why IGS has designed, engineered, and manufactured long-lasting and robust large particle ash (LPA) filtration systems.

Designed to withstand the most aggressively run SCR systems in the world, IGS’ NoNOx Components™ LPA Screens have been successfully installed at more than 200 power and cement facilities worldwide.

The NoNOx Components™ system features an optimized, custom-fit screen and support system design made with proprietary erosion-resistant materials. Additionally, in-house engineering, flow modeling, and system design experience provide you with the opportunity to maximize your systems’ overall efficiency, decrease pressure drop, conserve fan power consumption, and improve ash collection.

LPA-Screen-new (2)
LPA Screen (2)

Designed for Easy Inspection

The two-stage cladding upgrade incorporates the same trusted thermal spray protection with the additional protection of a brightly colored top-coat layer. It also provides a visual wear indicator that allows for rapid inspection and erosion mapping. The top coat can be reapplied, meaning the panels can be refurbished instead of replaced. This can be applied on replacement panels or panels already in service.

Why Choose IGS LPA Screens?

 Reliable, erosion-resistant material

Extensive experience in LPA Screen and SCR installations

Two-stage coating system allows simple visual inspections and screen refurbishment capabilities.

Custom-build panels for any LPA Screen system

Online cleaning of LPA Screens and system optimization

LPA Screen Air Cannon System Upgrades

IGS air cannon cleaning systems provide more effective cleaning than traditional systems, especially with PRB and sticky ash applications. There is less maintenance required, and the air cannons do not damage LPA screens like rappers do. The IGS system is simpler, less expensive, and easier to install than traditional systems. As the LPA screens catch any unwanted accumulation, the air cannons sweep the build-up away and provide for a safer and more efficient cleaning method.

Upgrade Existing Systems to IGS Panels

Plants can choose to upgrade their existing system or incorporate a new installation altogether. This upgrade will allow the two-stage cladding technology of IGS panels to pinpoint areas of erosion and ensure maximum screen life for the entire system. This will provide the safest and most cost-effective cleaning techniques on the market.

Looking for a Complete Cleaning System?

Complementary SCR Solutions for Power and Cement Plants

Next Steps:

If you’re facing challenges such as poor DeNOx performance, system derates, forced outages, high pressure drop, ammonia slip, or material accumulation, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and learn how our SCR performance solutions can optimize your system, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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