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Protect Your SCR from Ash Build-up

Eliminate SCR ash build-up on the catalyst with IGS systems utilized by major solid fuel plants around the world.

What Causes Ash Build-Up On The Catalyst and Why is it a Problem?

Ash build-up in SCR systems can be caused by fly ash and other solid combustion by-products that are carried along with the flue gas. These particles can deposit on the catalyst surface. Over time, the SCR catalyst can become deactivated or poisoned by the accumulation of various contaminants, including ash. This deactivation can reduce the catalyst’s efficiency in promoting the NOx reduction reaction.

Why Choose IGS SCR Performance Solutions?


Ash Removal

IGS air cannons and specialist screens prevent excessive ash build-up, which can hinder the SCR’s effectiveness.

Prevent Catalyst Deactivation

By removing ash and contaminants, air cannons and screens help prevent the deactivation of the SCR catalyst.


Maintain Optimal Operating Conditions

We help maintain the optimal temperature and gas flow conditions required for efficient NOx reduction.


Reduction in Pressure Drop

Accumulated ash can increase pressure drop across the SCR system, which can affect the efficiency of the entire flue gas system. By periodically clearing ash deposits, we can help maintain a more consistent pressure drop and ensure proper operation.



Minimize Downtime

IGS reduce the need for manual cleaning or catalyst replacement, which can be time-consuming and result in downtime for the SCR system.


Looking for a Complete Cleaning System?

IGS Solid Fuel SCR Solutions 

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