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Our Global Services

IGS is recognized worldwide for its expertise to solve metal wastage issues on site, in situ, while on the critical path of a turnaround. The company has the versatility and experience to engage with reliability, inspection and maintenance teams to engineer complex metallurgical solutions.

The company boasts a state of the art laboratory and shop with the capability to perform advanced diagnostics, simulation and failure analysis testing on the substrates reaction to the current operating environment, erosion media, corrosion factors and the proposed metallurgical solution. This engineered solution, often times, includes a combination of advanced thermal spray technologies, proprietary UTEx materials, weld overlay, and mechanical services.

HVTS Alloy Cladding

IGS’s High Velocity Thermal Spray Alloy Cladding solutions upgrade existing metallurgy to higher alloys that provide a barrier to mitigate corrosion and/or erosion in mission critical equipment.

HVTS is significantly faster to apply than weld metal overlay providing substantial up-front cost reduction and long-term ROI.

HVTS does not create a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) and therefore will require no Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), saving time and eliminating stresses.

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surface solutions for mission critical equipment
PTTGC-Cetek-case-study u tubes
Cetek Ceramic Coatings

Cetek coatings improve radiant efficiency of fired heaters and reduce fuel consumption and/ or boost production, while reducing CO2 and NOx emissions.

Process Tube Coating
Unprotected process tubes will oxidize and scale will grow, inhibiting conductive heat transfer to the feed. Excess firing to overcome this leads to high bridgewall
temperatures which ultimately limit the production. Cetek coatings eliminate oxidation for approximately 2 turnaround cycles and maintain peak heat transfer

Refractory Lining
Cetek’s high emissivity coatings for refractories create a near ‘Black Body Enclosure’ inside the fired heater, which maximizes radiant heat transfer efficiency to the process tubes.

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Hot-Tek Online Services

IGS’s Hot-Tek services facilitate maintenance,
inspection and cleaning of the fired heater while it
is in operation. No Shutdown required.

Hot Convection Cleaning

Hot Tube Descaling

Hot Refractory Repair

Hot Vacuum Service

Hot Inspection Service

Hot Tube Stabilization

Often, multiple Hot-tek™ Services are employed simultaneously during an application to achieve the best result, with the most convenience for the client.

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TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium) provides lasting (>20 years) corrosion protection by acting as a barrier coating, passivating the surface.

Plant operators no longer need to make tradeoffs between turnaround duration and asset integrity as IGS TUFFss ONLINE TSA can be safely applied all year round, between shutdowns and turnarounds. Developed in a 2-year R&D program with Royal Dutch Shell, IGS has validated live-plant applications at Shell Pearl and Nigeria LNG/Royal Dutch Shell, among others.

As equipment within refineries, petrochemical plants, and other facilities continues to age, the demand for maintenance solutions that can be applied safely all year round is growing. Plant operators are looking to IGS to utilize their global footprint and experience to deliver innovative solutions safely and efficiently.

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Environmental Products

IGS Environmental specializes in comprehensive cleaning solutions. We supply Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens, Turning Vanes, Air Cannons, and Secondary Screens to a variety of industries and applications. By combining these products to work in unison, we are able to provide customized solutions with unmatched warranty protection.

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