Fiber Refractory Dusting Encapsulation Coating

Eliminate Convection Section Fouling by Encapsulating Refractory

By applying a ceramic coating to the refractory surface, the build-up of fouling can be prevented, allowing for a cleaner and more efficient heat transfer process. This method not only eliminates fouling, but also extends the life of the refractory, reducing maintenance costs in the long run, resulting in consistent performance and cost savings.

The Problem

Over time refractory ceramic fiber becomes friable. This friable dust is entrained in the post combustion flue gases and gets carried downstream, fouling convection section tubes and catalyst banks.

Figure 1 shows new ceramic fiber under Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The Fibers are continuous and intact. After heat exposure, long strands break down into smaller pieces, which are carried downstream and comprise the majority of convection section fouling, shown in figure 2.

close up refractory ceramic fiber

Figure 1: New Ceramic Fiber

close up ceramic fiber after heating

Figure 2: Ceramic Fiber After Heating

The Solution

Cetek Ceramic coatings effectively encapsulate the surface fibers, forming a composite structure (Figure 3). The ceramic fibers are contained within the matrix and are prevented from escaping to flue gases.

The ceramic coating is designed for use up to 1426°C (2600°F) and has a long life, approximately 6-8 years; totally preventing fouling from ceramic fiber linings, on both new and existing/old applications.

Figure 3: Cetek Coated Ceramic Fiber

The Benefits

Lower Maintenance Costs

Preventing convection section fouling eliminates the costs associated with its cleaning.

Improved Efficiency

No fouling means the furnace can reliably operate at its expected design efficiency.

Long Term Solution 

Cetek refractory encapsulation lasts for 6-8 years/2-3 turnarounds.


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