Steam Methane Reformers (SMR)

While not a fired heater, in the true meaning of the term, an SMR is constructed essentially in the same way. Steam reformers or Steam Methane Reformers are operated at a high process outlet temperature and flue gas temperature, so radiant tubes (or catalyst tubes) are not manufactured from steel alloys found in refinery fired heaters, but from 25% Cr; 20% Ni, or high Ni steels, such as HL40. These metallurgies form an oxide layer when subjected to high temperatures, but unlike regular steel alloys, this layer inhibits further oxidation of the tube and further scale growth is prevented.

High Emissivity Ceramic Coating

Cetek has seen a distinct benefit in treating the refractory surfaces with a high emissivity ceramic coating, increasing the radiant heat transfer inside Steam Methane Reformers over design. Our coating increases refractory emissivity which results in a significant increase in hydrogen production at the same process parameters. Additionally, the ceramic coating reduces NOx and CO2 emissions.

As a division of Integrated Global Services, Inc, Cetek provides high emissivity ceramic coating services for refinery heaters and reformers on-site in all parts of the world. Call us or contact online to talk to our experts and evaluate possible benefits.

The Steam Methane Reforming process commonly uses amine treating systems for the removal of excess carbon dioxide in the final purification of the gaseous hydrogen, IGS have extensive experience with the internal protection of CO2 amine strippers and absorbers to stop corrosion and metal wastage with our HVTS cladding systems.