Hot Vacuuming Prevents Emergency Shutdown

SMR Heater with Downstream SCR System

Production rate was being reduced and the pressure drop across catalyst was increasing due to surface fouling hindering gas flow.

Hot Vacuuming Service

The IGS Hot-tek team created access ports upstream of the SCR catalysts and performed a LanceScope inspection to identify fouling. Cleaning was performed online without interruption to production, on time and budget without safety issues.


The Plant was in danger of needing an emergency shutdown to clean their catalysts.



Hot-tek LanceScope inspection identified screen fouling. Cleaning of 200 catalysts was then performed online without interruption to production.

Results and ROI

Pressure drop across the catalysts was returned to within 5% of design. The plant recorded payback within less than a month. As a result, the fired heater efficiency was improved, process pre-heat and steam production increased, stack temperature reduced, and draft improved.



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