History & Growth

The Challenge:

To revolutionize our industry by delivering significant ROI for clients while reducing emissions and exceeding safety standards.

Once an impossible dilemma, the IGS team led by CEO, Rich Crawford, not only embraced the challenge but sparked a revolution in heavy industry maintenance technology and surface engineering-related solutions.

The Opportunity for Change

Traditional methods left major gaps in safety, emissions, efficiency, and equipment longevity—ultimately compromising the integrity of critical assets that keep the world powered and running. In response, our innovative solutions not only extend equipment lifespans but also enable our clients to achieve more with fewer resources and lower emissions.

In a world where environmental and economic considerations are paramount, where minimizing maintenance downtime is essential, and where aggressive fuels and feeds pose challenges, IGS’s service offerings have never been more relevant.

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A Seismic Growth Trajectory

The opportunities for growth are substantial as IGS continues to expand its capacity to help the world’s leading energy, power, and industrial companies solve their most critical surface engineering-related problems, improve coating and welding techniques, and evaluate material performance.

IGS’s commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in its recent acquisitions, including AmStar, Cetek, Hot-tek, and Tube Tech Industrial. These strategic additions made possible through its partnership with institutional private equity leader, JFL, have catapulted IGS into a new era where IGS offers a comprehensive suite of surface protection and asset integrity solutions.

Technologies for Industry’s Toughest Challenges

The oil and gas sector is undergoing a significant transformation, and IGS is at the forefront of providing proven technologies that address some of the industry’s toughest challenges. Our ability to adapt, innovate, and deliver results positions IGS as a key player in this dynamic landscape.

Now, nearly thirty years after its founding, IGS is globally recognized as a proven industry partner, providing sustainable solutions for the world’s leading organizations in power, oil and gas, petrochemical, agrochemical, manufacturing, pulp & paper, renewable fuels, and more.


Endless Untapped Potential

At IGS, we see immense untapped potential. While we have made significant strides over the past three decades, we have only scratched the surface, having reached less than 10% of the facilities and customers who can benefit from our cutting-edge technology and services.

Each day, we empower more organizations as they learn and follow the IGS way.


IGS Services

IGS has 35+ years of experience solving metal wastage issues worldwide. The company prides itself on delivering flexible, reliable solutions to complex and often unique metallurgical and operational challenges.

With a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities, IGS performs advanced diagnostics and testing before each project to ensure the correct solution is implemented based on the operating environment, corrosion factors, and substrate materials.

On-site thermal spray coatings

Hot-tek online services

Cetek ceramic technologies

Tube Tech fouling removal

Environmental products

Hydrotreater Efficiency Increase
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Our ESG Commitment

Our approach to ESG focuses on creating sustainable value for all stakeholders while making a positive impact upon our planet and the communities we serve.

We are on a mission to reduce emissions across carbon-intensive industries by providing solutions that go beyond simply complying with environmental legislations, but rather setting the standard for emissions control.

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