Off-gas Ducting

Off-Gas Ducting Corrosion

Off-gas ducting systems commonly experience:

  • Acid dew point corrosion
  • Accelerated corrosion attack
  • Corrosion-erosion due to particulate in high-temperature gas streams

Failing organic coatings, frequent metal replacement, and welding repairs can become costly and lead to forced outages, production losses, and environmental concerns.​


IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Off-Gas Ducting System Corrosion

Dew point corrosion, high-temperature sulfidation, slagging, acid attack, and solid particle erosion can be effectively mitigated with IGS High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS).

Developed for safe on-site application, IGS HVTS can be used to permanently stop metal wastage. This prevents the need to cut and replace the metal parts or continuously reapply low-performance coatings.

This engineered solution is used in:

Engineered Alloys

HVTS has been engineered at the IGS Technology Research Center. Specifically designed for the mining and mineral processing industry, it ensures better bond strength and excellent corrosion resistance. HVTS helps non-ferrous pyrometallurgical plants to prevent forced outages and increases maintenance-free periods.

“IGS has helped us to finally solve the problem and reduced our critical path schedule by 3 days. We have achieved short- and long-term cost savings as a result.” – International Gold Mining Company

The Benefits 

Safe, well tested application process

Lower cost than welding or metal replacement

Prevents unplanned shutdowns

Eliminate Off Gas Duct Corrosion

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