Air Cannon Retrofit System

Competitor Retrofit Kits

IGS offers replacement firing assemblies (piston baskets) for our competitors air cannons. We can replace the internal components of the Martin Hurricane cannons, and the older Tornado/XHV cannons.

Benefits of Air Cannon Retrofit Kits

✔ Retrofits are based on the simple air cylinder technology used in the IGS air cannons, and are interchangeable with the IGS air cannon firing assembly.
✔ Retrofits are made with more robust, heavier-duty steel than the aluminium used in the Hurricane cannon.
✔ There is no requirement to change any air plumbing or electrical wiring when changing over to the IGS retrofit.
XHV Retrofit Assemble
XHV Retrofit Components
✔ Feedback suggests that the Martin replacement baskets fail within 1 week to 1 month in many instances. The IGS retrofit assembly in the exact same cannon and locations have lasted 1 year and is still operating.
✔ Designed with off-the-shelf components.
✔ The retrofits have proven to greatly increase the cleaning performance of existing Martin cannons.

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