Waste Heat Boilers

Prevent Waste Heat Boiler (WHB) Corrosion

Waste Heat Boilers often suffer from:

  • Solid particle erosion
  • Acid dew point corrosion
  • High-temperature sulfidation
  • Tremendous slagging

These processes are caused by the presence of a combination of sulfur, halides and water vapor within a high-temperature environment.

The Science

The flue gas stream within a Smelting Furnace WHB has a high dust content. It may either slag on the surface, depending on its melting point temperature, or erode waterwall, as it mainly consists of a variety of metal oxides.

Dew Point corrosion in metal-air preheaters leads to rapid corrosion and breakdown of plates and tubes. This results in decreased energy efficiency and performance of WHBs.

To avoid asset failure, preventative action should be taken to ensure efficiency and prevent costly unplanned shutdowns.


IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Waste Heat Boiler Corrosion

Waste heat boiler corrosion can be effectively mitigated with IGS High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS).

Developed for safe on-site application, IGS HVTS is widely used to permanently stop metal wastage, preventing the need to cut and replace the metal parts or continuously reapply low-performance coatings.

Why IGS?

  • Experts in wastage mechanisms
  • Decades of global application experience in squeezing turnaround time
  • Long-term maintenance programs
  • On-going support and advice
  • Short payback period, significant long-term ROI

Global Metals & Mining smelters and refineries benefit from this innovative metal wastage solution in their pyrometallurgical furnaces, waste heat boilers, baghouses, off-gas ducting, ESPs and stacks.

Engineered Alloys

HVTS has been engineered at the IGS Technology Research Center. Specifically designed for the mining and mineral processing industry, it ensures better bond strength and excellent corrosion resistance. HVTS helps non-ferrous pyrometallurgical plants to prevent forced outages and increases maintenance-free periods.

The Benefits

  • Reduces risk in Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) programs
  • Improves WHB life
  • Prevents unplanned shutdowns
  • A fast, reliable, cost-effective solution both to high-temperature and dew-point corrosion

“IGS have been protecting our waste heat boiler with HVTS since 2015. Their reliable application service has finally stopped corrosion on the waste heat boiler tubes, preventing the need for welding and replacement.”

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