Metalspray PipeID Rover: No-Man-Entry Corrosion Control for Wet Gas Systems

Transporting untreated wet gas poses significant corrosion risks, particularly from H2S and CO2, to the wet gas pipelines. Understanding and mitigating this corrosion is imperative for maintaining pipeline integrity and operational efficiency.

Field-Applied Alloy Upgrade: A Closer Look

In the fight against wet gas corrosion, the Metalspray PipeID Rover presents a groundbreaking solution, offering a no-man-entry, field-applied alloy upgrade for wet gas pipelines, finger slug catchers, and flare lines. This innovative technology has emerged as a critical tool in corrosion mitigation, enabling effective protection and extending the lifespan of essential offshore infrastructure

The Metalspray PipeID Rover system represents a leap forward in corrosion control technology. Designed for direct application within pipelines and slug catchers, it facilitates surface preparation, alloy upgrade, quality control, and debris removal—all without the need for human entry. This self-propelled rover performs targeted Metalspray alloy upgrades on areas most susceptible to corrosion, employing unique non-contact preparation tools that remove corrosion products and inspect surfaces for comprehensive metallurgical bonding and corrosion protection. Equipped with lidar and camera, the rover conducts integrity scans to ensure thorough coverage and effectiveness.


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How can a field-applied Metalspray PipeID Rover protect pipeline sections and weld seams from corrosion?

Key Benefits of the Metalspray PipeID Rover

Targeted Protection

Offers 360-degree access to critical areas such as bottom sections, low spots, seams, and welds, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.

Pipe ID Corrosion Protection

On-site alloy upgrade stops corrosion and protects the affected areas against future corrosion, significantly extending asset life.

Laser and Video Documentation and Integrity Scans

Provides essential documentation and visual confirmation of the condition before and after the application, ensuring quality and accountability.

Safe Operation in Hazardous Environments

Designed to operate safely inside the pipe, eliminating the need for confined space entry and reducing safety risks.


By maximizing capital efficiency and avoiding the need for expensive replacements of wet gas pipes, the Rover offers a financially viable solution to corrosion challenges.

The Metalspray PipeID Rover In Action

With its ability to halt further damage and reinforce pipeline infrastructure, the Metalspray PipeID Rover is not just a tool but a comprehensive strategy against wet gas corrosion. It supports operators in strengthening their offshore infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted production, and protecting their investment in pipeline systems. By enabling in-service repairs, the Rover plays a pivotal role in avoiding slug catcher replacements and the associated production interruptions, marking a significant advancement in corrosion engineering solutions.

Finger Slug Catcher Corrosion Protection w Metalspray Pipe ID Rover Cladding

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