Air Cannon Nozzles

Maximum Material Flow

Enhance the performance and efficiency of your air cannon systems with our high-quality nozzles specifically designed to optimize the functionality and effectiveness of air cannons, ensuring maximum material flow, improved safety, and reduced maintenance requirements.

IGS can work with you to apply the correct nozzle design for your specific application needs.

Our Range of Air Cannon Nozzles

High Velocity Nozzle

• Engineered and designed to shape the cannon air blast into a powerful ball of air and greatly increase the velocity of the blast.

• The shape of the blast and increased velocity greatly increases the ability of any air cannon to move hard, sticky, difficult material.

• The normal blast from nozzles that have been traditionally used has a normal effective reach of 1 meter. The High Velocity nozzle triples this reach to more than 3 meters. This allows cleaning much further across vessel walls and eliminates the need for more cannons.

• This nozzle can be replaced easily without requiring any refractory or metal work.

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IGS high velocity nozzle
IGS fanjet nozzle copy

Fanjet Nozzle

• Designed to spread out the cannon blast for cleaning in a 180 degree pattern in front of the nozzle.

• Most fanjet nozzles do not completely spread out 180 degrees, so when there is a row of them spaced out along a wall there is often a V-shaped “shadow” of build-up between the nozzles. The IGS fanjet is engineered to spread the blast even further to the sides to eliminate this problem.

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Monster Nozzle

• This is a hybrid combination of the High Velocity nozzle and the fanjet nozzle, combining the increased power and cleaning reach of the High Velocity nozzle but also widening the blast to clean extra area on the sides.

• This nozzle can be replaced easily without requiring any refractory or metal work.

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IGS monster nozzle

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