On-Line Cleaning of SCR Screens

Hot Vacuum Service

IGS Cetek provides its patent-pending Hot Vacuum Service for cleaning catalyst banks in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) units attached to steam methane reformers and other fired heaters. We clean SCR catalyst banks during operation, with no interruption to production, offering a rapid payback of associated costs.

Our online SCR catalyst cleaning service removes pluggage and fouling, immediately improving catalyst reduction system efficiency.

SCR Catalyst Screen Fouling

Over time debris, such as ceramic fiber, inorganic dust and combustion by-products entrained in the flue gas accumulate on the upstream face of the SCR catalyst. This debris hinders gas flow through the catalyst increasing the pressure drop across the SCR unit. To overcome this effect, the induced draft fan utilization must be increased consuming extra energy. After the fan has reached max capacity, production must be reduced to decrease the pressure drop across the SCR.

On-Line Cleaning of SCR Screens

On-Line Cleaning Selective Catalyst Banks in SCRs

Cetek removes the surface debris online with no interruption on production or environmental emissions. Existing access points may be used upstream of the catalyst for the insertion of Cetek’s equipment. If necessary, reusable access ports can be created online with Cetek’s hot access creation service.

A vacuum lance with a non-damaging low friction tip is inserted into the ducting. The nozzle is placed against the surface of the catalyst and the Lance is manipulated by a technician with no damage to the fragile catalysts. Observation of the vacuuming is maintained with line of sight or through the Cetek Lancescope viewing system. Vacuuming progresses from port to port across the length of the catalyst wall. Each access point is closed before moving to the next location.

Without fouling obstructing the gas flow, syngas production can be returned to normal and ID fan usage can be reduced.

Hot Vacuum Service returns SCR Catalyst Bank operation to maximum efficiency by restoring the pressure differential across the catalyst to an “as-new” condition. Decreasing pressure drop, hot SCR screen cleaning eliminates wasted energy consumption and strain on the ID fan motor. Furthermore, it ousts the potential curtailment of production due to gas flow blockage or excessive NOx production. Increased DeNOx potential and mercury oxidation return SCR efficiency.

Online cleaning does not damage the SCR catalyst while removing fouling blockage and deposits.

Hot Vacuum Service for SCR Screen Cleaning

The online vacuum service is possible with any catalyst configuration, vertical, or horizontal flue gas flow direction. In some applications, we use Cetek’s Lancescope™ system to inspect hard to reach areas before online cleaning.

In-situ online catalyst cleaning maximizes catalyst efficiency and lifetime, increases plant uptime and reliability.

IGS team provides hot vacuum service around the globe. Our experts have decades of experience and dozens of successful projects each.

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