We mitigate erosion and corrosion with the use of proprietary thermal spray technologies, including HVTS.

Cetek coatings improve fired heater efficiency, while Hot-tek services maintain fired heaters between turnarounds. Our environmental services provide industrial cleaning solutions.

Efficiency and Reliability Solutions for Mission-Critical Equipment

At IGS, we increase the lifetime, reliability, and efficiency of mission-critical assets globally. Some of the largest asset owners rely on IGS to maintain their process vessels, boilers, fired heaters, pipelines, and other mission-critical equipment, preventing corrosion, scale, fouling, and buildup.

IGS efficiency of mission-critical assets globally

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Fired Heater Efficiency Optimization

Cetek high emissivity and dual emissivity coatings improve fired heater’s radiant efficiency, increase capacity, and reduce fuel consumption. High emissivity coatings also reduce NOx, convection section fouling, and bridgewall temperatures.

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