A Recognized and Inclusive Workforce Driving Innovation

We takes immense pride in the accomplishments of its 550+ employees, who have garnered numerous accolades for their exceptional work. Our team has received prestigious leadership, safety, and innovation awards from clients and independent industry associations, reflecting their dedication to excellence and groundbreaking contributions.
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Culture of Equality and Inclusion

At the core of our success lies a culture of equality and inclusion, where every employee is valued and empowered to thrive. We embrace diversity in backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, fostering an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and grow. With a team of determined individuals who thrive on challenges, we tackle obstacles with great resolve and determination.


Our employees are at the forefront of solving complex challenges in the industrial maintenance, efficiency, and reliability sectors. With their expertise and problem-solving abilities, they tackle problems that have long remained unsolved, driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


Supporting Well-being and Personal Growth

To support our employees’ well-being and personal growth, IGS offers a comprehensive range of benefits and Employee Assistance Programs, including complimentary gym memberships, financial education support, and locally tailored perks. We understand that a healthy and financially secure workforce is a productive and engaged workforce.

Retaining Top Performers

Moreover, IGS is committed to nurturing talent and retaining its top performers. We offer competitive compensation packages, ensuring we attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Our commitment to investing in our employees’ professional development and rewarding their contributions has fostered a loyal and dedicated workforce.

By fostering an inclusive culture, recognizing achievements, and prioritizing employee well-being and growth, IGS has cultivated a talented and motivated team that consistently delivers innovative solutions and drives our company’s success.


Employee Testimonial

Matthew MacWatters is the Senior Materials Engineer at IGS, bringing extensive expertise in materials and process engineering. After graduating with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University, Matthew kick-started his career at SpaceX, where he worked on thermal oxidation and salt water corrosion prevention to increase rocket reusability.

Attracted by IGS’s advanced testing and materials science laboratory and prospects for rapid growth, Matthew joined the company as a Materials Engineer. “IGS gave me the opportunity to join a cutting-edge laboratory team at a company that was poised for dramatic expansion,” he says.

As the company expanded, so did Matthew’s role. “As the company has grown, so has the lab team. I now oversee day-to-day operations for R&D and custom test programs,” Matthew states.

With IGS poised for further advancement, Matthew is heading the company’s foray into novel material manufacturing and further vertical integration. “I’m excited to spearhead the build-out and process development for our advanced Materials Manufacturing Team in Richmond,” he explains.


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Homes of Hope

In late 2022, IGS partnered with Homes of Hope to build homes in northern Mexico. The partnership enabled 18 experienced and new employees to travel to the project site and physically build a home for a local family in a community close to where many of our people lived.

In addition to the volunteer time, IGS has provided monetary donations to support the purchase of site building materials and essential goods for the home. In the next several years, IGS leadership envisages conducting similar experiences that enable team-building and community investment utilizing our collective gifts and talents. 

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