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Our culture, leadership and unparalleled growth fuel our ongoing search for people who share our vision, values and commitment to excellence. We are committed to giving our employees the tools, training, and experiential resources to be successful. We have a team-based and performance-oriented culture that challenges our employees and rewards them for meeting and exceeding those challenges.

We welcome you to join our team as we maintain our competitive edge through market diversification, operational efficiency, value-added services, and a strong reputation for safety, quality, and integrity.



Why Start a Career at Integrated Global Services?

IGS Provides You With Opportunity!
  • Training – IGS provides you with the opportunity to grow with our organization. We offer onsite training as well as continuing training opportunities to help our employees grow into the career they want.
  • Career advancement – 75% of career advancement is done within our organization.
  • Travel opportunities – IGS has locations and projects located around the globe.
  • Opportunity to work in an advanced team-oriented environment.
Comprehensive compensation package:
  • Competitive compensation package for our employees including competitive salaries, per diem for travel, overtime and holiday compensation.
  • Excellent benefits package (for eligible employees) including: health, dental, vision, life, short & long-term disability, 401K (with employer match opportunities), paid holidays, PTO, and bonus opportunities for referrals and project performance.
Job satisfaction:
  • Take pride in doing things The IGS Way
  • Be a positive impact on the environment
  • Find solutions
  • Be accountable for the success of the organization

Become part of the IGS team

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The IGS Way

We pride ourselves in doing things “the IGS way”. As an organization, we believe in key core values for our team to demonstrate on a daily basis. By doing things the IGS Way, we create a work environment that we can all be proud to be a part of.  We are looking for individuals who share our core values to add to the growth of our organization.

IGS Core Values:

Our core values at IGS represent a day in the life of the aggregate IGS team member, a statement of what IGS culture is, not what we hope it to be.  Our core values, listed in order of priority to our global team, are foundational to the effective execution of our strategy.  These values enable us to reach our vision and fulfill our mission.



We are passionate about success.  We deliver great results for our customers and shareholders because we are the most highly motivated, hardest working, and flexible team in our industry.  We love being the best, and we play to win.

We create business and personal opportunities by solving complex problems, overcoming difficult challenges, and executing flawlessly.  We invest in personal growth, always seeking ways to be the best possible version of ourselves.


We value trust from our customers and each other.  We realize trust is hard-earned and easily broken, and we work diligently to build greater trust every day.  We plan with discipline, do what we say we’ll do, take responsibility for our outcomes, and don’t make excuses.

We are detail-oriented and make thoughtful, data-driven business decisions that maximize our chances of success.  We believe that to whom much is given, much is expected; and we go above and beyond what is expected of us.

Respect and concern for all

We care for ourselves and each other, treating each other the way we want to be treated.  We make safety, health, and wellness a top priority each day.  We proactively seek out ways to help each other, sharing our knowledge, and providing candid feedback to each other so that we may grow individually and as a team.

We often put the needs of the team above of our own, believing that together as a team we stand much stronger than we stand alone.  We demonstrate humility by admitting our mistakes, sharing credit with each other, and giving each other the benefit of the doubt.  We embrace diversity, and love that we are a part of a multicultural global team.  We actively seek ways to support the development of our communities and the sustainability of our environment.


We embrace change, not only because we believe it is a key attribute of winning teams, but also because we challenge the status quo and understand that we must create ever-improving solutions to our customers’ problems to continue our growth and success.

Our unrivaled expertise gained from decades spent at the front lines of developing our core technologies and capabilities has positioned us with the highest performing products and services in the industry.  Our relentless pursuit of creating greater value for our customers and shareholders requires that we think out of the box and never rest on the laurels of our past achievements.

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