Fine Particle Screens

Protect SCR Performance

Commonly installed in various fired heaters, steam methane reformers, and natural gas applications in the Agrochemical, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries, IGS® Fine Particle Screens remove fibrous particles such as refractory fibers and insulation fibers from the flue gas prior to reaching the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactor. This prevents the particles from building up on the catalyst layers which can cause production limitations, equipment damage and a reduction in efficiency and NOx removal.

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Fine Particle Screens solve these common problems:

  • SCR refractory fiber build-up
  • High pressure drop
  • System derates
  • Forced outages to clean SCR
  • High cost of offline cleaning
  • Environmental compliance
  • NOx reduction
  • Ammonia slip/ consumption
  • Poor catalyst life

How do Fine Particle Screens Protect SCR reactors?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reactors are used in the chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from flue gases. Fine particle screens play a role in protecting the SCR by preventing the entry of particulate matter and contaminants that can negatively impact their performance. Here’s how they provide protection:

  • Particulate Matter Filtration

Fine particle screens are installed at the inlet of the SCR to filter out solid particulate matter present in the flue gas. The screens have a fine filtration mesh that captures and retains fine particles including refractory fibers and dust.

The fine particle screen system then employs a robust online air cannon cleaning system that removes the captured particle from the screen face and sweeps them into a collection area, preventing the particles from re-entering the flue gas stream.

  • Catalyst Protection

An SCR catalyst is used to facilitate the chemical reactions that convert nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water vapor. The catalyst is typically composed of materials such as titanium dioxide or vanadium pentoxide. Fine particle screens act as a barrier to protect the catalyst from fouling. This is crucial for maintaining the SCR reactor’s efficiency and longevity.

  • Maintenance and Performance Optimization

Fine particle screens facilitate easier maintenance and performance optimization of SCR reactors. By capturing and retaining particulate matter, the screens prevent it from accumulating within the reactor and on the catalyst surface. This reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance required for the SCR system. Additionally, cleaner operation and reduced fouling improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the SCR reactor in NOx reduction.


Key Features:

  • Perforated plate design assists self-cleaning
  • Designed to allow particles to be collected in a containment area and keep them there for permanent removal during a planned outage
  • Built with standard interchangeable panels

The Benefits:

  • Eliminates build-up-related forced outages, system derates, and excessive pressure drops
  • Extends catalyst life
  • Improves NOx removal
  • Reduces ammonia usage

IGS Tailors Fine Particle Screens to Your Specifications

The design and specifications of fine particle screens for SCR protection vary based on the specific requirements of the system, including the type of fuel, SCR catalyst design, the flue gas composition, and the particulate matter characteristics.


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Why Choose IGS Fine Particle Screens?


Reliable and durable mesh material

Extensive experience in fine particle screen and SCR installations

Custom-build panels for any fine particle screen system

Online cleaning of fine particle screens and system optimization

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Complementary SCR Solutions for Agrochemical, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Plants

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