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IGS air cannons have been designed to reduce costly downtime, labor-intensive cleaning processes, and inefficient maintenance routines. Whether you require a new installation or a retrofit, we have a solution to transform the way you maintain your equipment.

What do Air Cannons do?

Air cannons emit controlled bursts of compressed air to prevent and remove blockages and build-up issues in a range of process vessels without causing damage.

IGS Air Cannons have a simple goal: to remove blockages and build-ups more effectively 

Available Air Cannon Models

There are various sizes of air tanks available to fit specific installation requirements:

  • 70L
  • 150L
  • 300L

More air cannon volume equals more material movement.

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  • Piston and cannon firing are controlled with an air cylinder. This is a much simpler and more reliable design than the spring systems available on the market.
  • Designed and made with off the shelf parts to keep costs down and are readily available.
  • Piston remains closed protecting the internal components of the cannon without air in the tank. This eliminates the cost of air leaks and increases worker safety. We recommend filling the tank with air right before firing, but the cannons can be operated either way.
  • Designed and constructed with robust steel components for better longevity and a longer warranty than other available cannons.

Our Most Powerful Air Cannon: 8 inch 300L

• Double the size of standard air cannon firing assemblies resulting in 7 times more power.

• Extra power allows the cannon to be installed at a greater distance from the nozzles making any maintenance much easier and safer for the worker, and protecting the cannon from the detrimental effects of the process.

• Adjustable force air cannon. The cannon can be operated at lower air pressures and maintain the same cleaning force, and then be increased if extreme buildup requires more power.

• Increased power and volume offers the ability to fire through multiple nozzles at the same time, so one air cannon can replace multiple cannons.


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Download the 7 Most Common Errors when Applying Air Cannons Whitepaper

Why Choose IGS Big Blue Air Cannons?


air-cannons-for-cementMORE EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL

The design maximizes energy and yields the greatest cleaning force in the industry today, blasting away the build-up and blockage.



Why install cannons where your maintenance team can’t perform their job or in hot environments, leading to poor reliability? Protect your maintenance crew and your equipment. IGS is the industry leader in designing systems that eliminate these issues. Remote mounting equals greater reliability.



Simple piston assembly offers a more robust design with less moving parts that resist corrosion and wear better than traditional systems, resulting in greater reliability and reduction in maintenance costs. Eliminate the springs which cause frequent failure. Use standard off-the-shelf replacement parts instead of being limited to replacement parts from the OEM. Lower the costs with IGS off-the-shelf replacement parts.



IGS offers a wide range of air cannon nozzle designs engineered for their specific application. Nozzles that improve the cleaning force to nozzles designed to reduce the number of air cannons required to perform the cleaning job.



Adjustable force delivers the cleaning force that maximizes cleaning results. The combination and control of peak force, the air volume, and discharge time results in far better cleaning.

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