SMARTGard® Inspection

Fully Digitalized CFB Boiler Drone Inspection

Smart CFB Boiler Inspection in three easy steps…


Early Deployment of SMARTGard® Inspection drone

The drone is deployed whilst the boiler is cooling down, without the need for scaffolding. This provides inspection data five days earlier, on average, allowing more time for maintenance planning and remedial works.


Live Streaming of Inspection Data

The drone creates an accurate 3D map of the environment, enabling scaffolding to be erected at a precise location to fix any issues. HD live streaming of crisp 4k images and videos facilitates collaborative decision-making with maintenance managers.

3-D mapping creates an accurate data set to conduct additional reviews and root cause analysis after the outage is complete, to minimize the risk of future damage or boiler failure.


Reporting and Remedial Recommendations via SMARTGard® Inspection Portal

The powerful cloud-based reporting tool provides post-survey analysis and data integration. CFB Boiler experts perform our drone boiler inspections; they analyse results and suggest reliable remedial solutions to increase CFB Boiler reliability.

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The SMARTGard® Inspection drone locates areas of concern such as:




Tube thinning

Refractory damage

The Benefits of SMARTGard® Inspection

 Improve CFB Boiler Availability

 Reduce Turnaround Costs and Scaffolding Scope

Identify and Fix Issues Earlier During a Turnaround


Whitepaper: Mitigating Corrosion / Erosion in WtE and Biomass Boilers


LIDAR Technology

The SMARTGard® Inspection drone operates with precision even in complete darkness using Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) technology. Lidar allows us to:

  • Map out and locate problematic tubes
  • Superimpose tube numbers and distances/ height
  • Improve reporting data to identify and fix issues sooner

SMARTGard® Drone Boiler Inspection: A drone system for a safe and quick inspection of CFB Boilers

  • Crisp 4K images and videos, HD live-streaming to cloud
  • Images and videos location-tagged in 3D map, for instant identification of issues
  • High-powered illumination with multiple lighting modes for any light conditions

First-class Inspection, First-class Solutions

When you choose IGS’ SMARTGard® Inspection service, our CFB Boiler experts will be on-hand to analyse the results with your team and offer tailored remedial advice. IGS is proud to deliver industry-leading solutions to extend CFB Boiler availability, reduce emissions and costs, and improve reliability.

IGS Solutions for Boiler Reliability

High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS)

Our proprietary alloy-clad solution is applied by IGS technicians to protect CFB boilers from fly ash erosion, fireside corrosion, and fouling.

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