Fired Heaters

Fired heaters are indispensable components in most hydrocarbon processing facilities (oil refining, petrochemical and chemical processes). Processes tend to be endothermic, requiring the input of heat energy to initiate or maintain chemical processing.

A fired heater is essentially a refractory lined box containing metal tubes through which process fluids pass. The heater is fired, typically using a combustible gas, infrequently fuel oil, to raise the temperature of the process fluid so that a chemical reaction may take place on the way to creating a range of finished products upon which we all, more increasingly, depend.

In terms of operating costs, fired heaters are second only to raw material costs in a typical oil refinery, so their operating efficiency is vital in ensuring that the finished products are marketable and affordable.

Cetek offers a range of services which improve and maintain hydrocarbon processing efficiencies.

Catalytic Reformer Heaters (CRU)  |  Delayed Coker Heaters (DCU)  |  Steam Methane Reformers (SMR)

We Provide Ceramic Coatings for Refinery Fired Heaters

As a division of Integrated Global Services, Inc, Cetek provides high emissivity ceramic coating services for petrochemical process heaters and steam methane reformers reformers on-site in all parts of the world. Call us or contact on-line to talk to our experts and evaluate possible benefits.