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HVTS Cladding Stops Corrosion and Helps Mitigate Erosion in Smelter and Converter Lines

Mineral processing facilities refining and smelting copper, alumina, ferronickel, platinum and steel experience metal wastage within their mission-critical equipment.

Metal surfaces in these high-temperature environments suffer from hot corrosion, acid attack, solid particle erosion, acid dew point corrosion, among other wastage mechanisms. Frequent replacement and welding repairs can become costly, lead to forced outages, and significant production losses. Any delay in permanently solving corrosion and erosion problems can lead to environmental concerns and ultimately lead to fines, as well as operational losses. Mineral processing plants trust IGS to maintain their assets’ integrity due to our track record and experience in offering turnkey, robust, and lasting maintenance solutions.

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How to Stop Forced Outages and Reduce Production Losses in Mineral Processing Facilities

IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Metal Wastage

Developed for safe on-site application IGS HVTS is a non-permeable thermal spray applied alloy cladding material, designed for corrosion and erosion resistance in high-temperature smelting and mineral refining environments.

IGS HVTS has been engineered specifically for the mining and mineral processing industry, ensuring better bond strength and excellent corrosion and wear resistance. IGS HVTS is designed for fast on-site application, ensuring fast return to service. It will withstand environments where other coatings are unable to offer lasting performance.


“IGS have been protecting our converter furnace with HVTS since Their reliable application service has finally stopped corrosion on the waste heat boiler tubes, preventing the need for welding and replacement.”

World’s Largest Producer of Platinum


Corrosion in Converter Furnaces | Waste Heat Boilers

Converter Furnaces suffer from hot corrosion acid attack, solid particle erosion and acid dew point corrosion, caused by the presence of a combination of sulphur, halides and water vapour in a high temperature environment.

Frequent tube replacement and welding repairs can become costly and lead to forced outages and production loss.

IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Converter Furnace/ Waste Heat Boiler Corrosion

IGS has a wealth of experience in protecting PC-fired, CFB and WtE Boilers, among others, in the Power industry. The application on converter furnaces follows a similar process. The understanding of wastage mechanisms, material and conveyancing technology, as well as application experience are all critical factors to a successful project. Over the years, IGS have perfected their ability to deliver a lasting maintenance program in waste heat boilers, preventing the need for tube replacement and welding repairs.

Corrosion in Cooling Parts

Sulphidation of the cooling parts may occur exacerbated by HCl gas. Corrosion rates as high as 80 mm/y can be observed when the metal is exposed to the sulphide gas at 110°C/ 230°F. This observation suggests that sulphide alone can cause severe corrosion even at moderate temperatures. When HCl is added, the corrosion rate is enhanced above 112°C/ 233°F, and pitting corrosion is observed.

IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Cooling Part Corrosion

Developed for safe on-site application IGS HVTS is a non-permeable thermal spray applied alloy cladding material, designed for corrosion and erosion resistance in high-temperature environments.


“IGS have been applying their HVTS protection to our cooling parts since 2009, protecting them against sulphur vapour corrosion. Their service and speed of application have helped shorten and prevent many outages in our plant.”

Leading International Precious Metals Mining Company

Dew Point Corrosion in Off Gas Ducting Systems

Off gas ducting systems may experience acid dew point corrosion, accelerated corrosion attack, combined with erosive forces due to the high-temperature process environment. Failing organic coatings, frequent metal replacement, and welding repairs can become costly and lead to forced outages, production loss, and environmental concerns.

IGS HVTS Cladding Solution to Off Gas Ducting Systems Corrosion

Developed for safe on-site application IGS HVTS can be used to permanently stop metal wastage, preventing the need to cut and replace the metal parts or continuously reapply low-performance coatings.


“IGS have helped us to finally solve the problem and reduced our critical path schedule by 3 days. We have achieved short- and long-term cost savings as a result.”

International Gold Mining Company

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