Successful Projects: Fractionation Column

IGS has completed a large number of successful projects within Fractionation Columns including preventing corrosion through application IGS HVTS, enabling an efficient turnaround.

The following projects delivered significant benefits to the facility.


Prevent Corrosion due to a Change in Operating Process in a Fractionation Column

New operating conditions require a metallurgy upgrade in a fractionation column. IGS HVTS facilitates the process change at a fraction of the cost, delivering 50% cost savings and 12 x time savings.


Emergency Response: Localized Corrosion in a Fractionation Column

IGS (Integrated Global Services) had the equipment and materials in the country and was able to support the refinery with a fast application of HVTS, meeting their turnaround schedules.

HVTS was applied to seamlessly connect the alloy 625 overlay on the new insert and the existing type 400 cladding in the vessel by overlapping both CRA materials.

hvts inside a vessel or drum

Proven Alternative to Weld Overlay in a Corroded Fractionator Tower

IGS HVTS was applied in 2014 to a 89m² area, from tray 47 to 56. In 2017, following positive inspection results, the scope has been extended to include the manway, lid and internals beneath tray 47, a 44m² area. In 2020, both IGS HVTS applications have been inspected and found to be in excellent condition.