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Upgrade Your Air Cannon System

IGS offers a variety of upgrades for your air cannon systems to make them easier to install, easier to troubleshoot, reduce maintenance requirements, and make them more efficient.

Solenoid Enclosure

  • All air cannons and the multiplier systems require solenoid valves to operate and fire.
  • These solenoid valves are normally mounted individually with exposure to the atmosphere.
  • IGS can provide a solenoid enclosure which includes all of the solenoid valves required for air cannon firing, tank fill, and multiplier activation.
  • The valves are contained in the enclosure and protected from the environment. The solenoid box also includes a filter and pressure regulator for the incoming plant air to further protect the valves. All of the outgoing air lines from the box are color coded to simplify installation and ensure the correct lines are plumbed to the right place.
  • The solenoid enclosure greatly increases the life of the solenoid valves and makes installation much easier.

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Monitoring System

  • The IGS air cannon monitoring system can provide real-time feedback on the performance of the air cannon and multiplier systems.
  • In the past the only feedback to alert the plant that an air cannon wasn’t working anymore, was when they realized the presence of build-up where previously the cannon had been keeping the area clean. At that point the build-up may have become so bad that performing maintenance on the cannon would still not remove the blockage.
  • The IGS monitoring system can be tied into the plant DCS and give immediate alerts if there is a change in system air pressure or functionality.
  • Instead of being reactionary to the occurrence of build-up, this signals plant personnel to be pro-active in checking and maintaining their air cannon systems.

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