14% Increase In Throughput After Cetek Coating

Heavy Scale Hindering Production Rates

IR images (to the right) illustrate the effects of heavy scale on radiant efficiency. It was not possible to get enough energy into tubes. Three separate Platforming heater cells were affected, 2 cabin heaters, and one 2- cell U-tube Heater.



Three separate Platforming heater cells experienced reduced radiant efficiency due to the scale build up on the process tubes; 2 cabin heaters and one 2- cell U-tube Heater.


IGS evaluated the heaters predicting a 10% increase in radiant efficiency to the 23,000BPD catalytic reformer following a Cetek coating application. A post-evaluation supplied by the refinery confirmed a 14% increase in radiant efficiency, which equals a 14% increase in throughput.

Cetek Project Delivered on Schedule

The refinery invited the IGS Cetek team to apply the high emissivity ceramic coating. With other work occurring at the same time and the limited time available, the Cetek team worked 14 days in series, 6 days parallel, accommodating the refinery’s schedule.

Post Evaluation Confirms Results

Cetek’s evaluation prior to the application estimated a 10% improvement benefit. The post coating evaluation has confirmed an actual increase in efficiency of 14%, debottlenecking the production limits and allowing for the additional throughput.


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