Scale Prevention | Protecting Process Tubes From Oxidation For 8 Years

Cetek Coating Application

IR thermography inspections were completed in 2009 (by an inspection company) and in 2011 by Cetek, following a stabilization period after the application.

Comparative images from the cell, before (left) and after (right) are shown below. The degree of tube oxidation and scale formation is very evident before and totally absent on the coated tubes. Average temperatures of the tube surfaces are summarized in the chart corresponding to the two inspection dates.

Fired Heater Process Tube Scaling Prevention

The Catalytic Reformer at a Petrochemical Plant in Africa has a three-cell heater. 2.25% Cr tubes were replaced in a cell during the turnaround in 2011.

Prior to their installation, the tubes were coated with a Cetek coating.


Inspection after 8 Years in Service

Another infrared inspection in 2019, after Cetek coating has been in service for 8 years, indicated that the high emissivity coating is still performing well. Cetek  tube coating has protected the tubes from oxidation and scaling and provided substantial extra profit saving energy and more production.


Fired Heater