Primary Reformer Furnace Throughput Increase

World Scale Production Facility

World scale petrochemical producer wanted to increase throughput due to market demand, without having to increase fuel consumption.

Left as is, the refinery would have to continue to produce with a much greater cost per unit production.


Due to market demands, throughput needed to be increased, without having to increase fuel consumption.


IGS applied Cetek high emissivity coating and performed online convection cleaning recovering much of the steam loss and increasing throughput by 3.5%.

IGS Cetek team was invited to install the high emissivity ceramic coating system to improve the radiant heat transfer efficiency and decrease fuel firing and bridgewall temperature. Before the heater was brought down for coating, online convection cleaning was performed.

This dual approach allowed the heater to operate with a greater throughput. Hot Convection Cleaning (HCC) recovered much of the steam loss, allowing the heater to function as needed.

HCC was completed online with 4 shifts, while the coating was completed safely and on time within 3 days during the shutdown.

radiant tubes
Application Results

The performance of the unit was evaluated after the coating installation and the results were exceptionally good.

There was a 3.5% increase in throughput, with very minor loss in steam production. Additionally, the energy consumed per unit of product produced decreased by 2%.

An inspection after 18 months in service showed that the coating was still in good condition.

Cetek Ceramic Coating Technology

Cetek pioneered the use of high emissivity ceramic coatings applied to the refractory surfaces in radiant sections of fired heaters and tubular reformers.

The emissivity coatings have superior longevity and Cetek’s experienced technicians apply it on-site to the refractory linings of process heaters/furnaces.


Fired Heater

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