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IGS Environmental specializes in comprehensive cleaning solutions. We supply Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screens, Turning Vanes, Air Cannons, and Secondary Screens to a variety of industries and applications. By combining these products to work in unison, we are able to provide customized solutions with unmatched warranty protection.

Large Particle Ash (LPA) Filtration Systems

IGS designs, engineers, and manufactures the longest lasting large particle ash (LPA) filtration systems in the world. Typical filtration screens protecting catalysts within SCR systems have proven to be short-lived and unreliable, resulting in frequent clogging of catalyst with LPA (or “popcorn ash”), decreasing NOx reduction and performance. In contrast, IGS’s NoNOx Components™ patent-pending systems have been in service for years in some of the most aggressively run SCR systems in the world, having maximized catalyst maintenance cycles, reduced the likelihood of unplanned downtime, and significantly reduced the lifetime cost of SCR systems.

The NoNOx Components™ system features an optimized, custom-fit screen and support system design made with proprietary erosion-resistant materials that outperform any other commercially available LPA screen system. Additionally, IGS’s in-house engineering, flow modeling, and system design experience provide SCR systems designers and owners the opportunity to maximize their systems’ open area ratio (OAR), decrease pressure drop, conserve fan power consumption, and improve ash collection. With over 50 successful installations, the NoNOx Components™ system represents a complete, cost-effective turnkey procurement package for utilities and architectural and engineering firms worldwide.

Secondary Large Particle Ash (LPA) Filtration

Secondary LPA Screens are custom-designed separation systems that sit on top of catalyst modules. They provide superior catalyst protection, better air filtration, and enhanced cleaning performance of online cleaning devices. Unlike wire mesh, their smooth surface enables Air Cannons to clean at a greater distance and increase the performance of Sonic Horns in eliminating more buildup. The Secondary Screen system is another IGS patent-pending technology. Many coal-fired SCRs are now installing Secondary Screens as original equipment to protect the operation and health of catalyst beds.

Turning Vanes

Turning Vanes provide a front-line defense against buildup by distributing flow evenly. They are required for many applications across several industries. All IGS Turning Vanes are custom-designed with CFD modeling and specifically installed to work in harmony with other cleaning devices. Our Custom Air Cannon Header enables us to keep Turning Vanes clean, even when access is limited.

Air Cannons

IGS Blue Air Cannons are blast aerators consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a unique quick opening valve that releases stored air in a sudden, high-energy blast. This blast is directed through a discharge pipe to aerate and remove material buildup, and restore process flow.

Learn more about IGS Air Cannons and let the power of Blue work for you!

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Field Services

IGS Environmental offers a variety of Field Services, such as: turn-key installation service, installation supervision, site inspections, and product management programs. Our Filed Services ensure the equipment is installed, maintained and replaced properly. Customers who employ our equipment and Field Services are eligible for unmatched warranty protection.

Warranty Protection

When customers contract IGS to provide our solutions for cleaning systems, IGS ensures them with an aggressive warranty protection plan known as the IGS Clean Guarantee. It guarantees a standard of cleanliness and provides compensation if that standard is not met. This protection plane underscores our confidence in our specialized and comprehensive cleaning solutions.

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