Primary Ammonia Reformer Excessive Fuel and Emissions

Excessive Fuel Consumption in Primary Ammonia Reformer

Primary ammonia reformer was consuming too much fuel and in need of reducing emissions. Left as is, the heater would have continued to waste fuel and purchase extra CO2 credits amounting to millions of dollars over two turnarounds.

Project Delivered On Schedule

IGS-Cetek team was invited to install the high emissivity ceramic coating system to the heater, to improve the radiant heat transfer efficiency and decrease fuel firing and bridgewall temperature.

Project was completed safely and on time within the 3 days of the critical path.


Unit was consuming too much fuel and needed to reduce emissions.



IGS applied Cetek high emissivity coating improving the radiant heat transfer efficiency and decreasing fuel firing and bridgewall temperature.

Cetek Application Results

Coating was evaluated after installation, the results of the application were exceptionally good.

Cetek achieved 3.5% fuel savings, 21% NOx reduction, 3.5% CO2 reduction, 8°C stack temperature reduction. Payout was achieved in 4 months and ROI was 18x the investment cost.

Post Evaluation

Coating was evaluated again after 2 years of service, performing as expected. After 2 full turnarounds, recoating is expected to maintain maximum benefit.

3.5% fuel savings

21% NOx reduction

3.5% CO2 reduction

Primary Ammonia Reformer Fired Heater Services

IGS offers a range of services, which can be applied while the ammonia fired heater is in operation:


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