Proactive CFB Boiler Maintenance Saves $ Millions and Triples Run Cycles

CFB Boiler Protected with IGS SMARTGard®

This coal-burning boiler was commissioned in 1998 with an 11,450 sqft (1064 sq.m.) heating surface and 1.2 million pounds per hour (544 t/h) steaming cap. IGS first applied HVTS in 2020 and monitored the condition of the boiler over two years.

PROBLEM: The annual cost from forced outages, RIK, general maintenance and electrical cost associated with each unit could reach an average of 8-12 Million dollars.

SOLUTION: IGS SMARTGard® addressed the problems and increased the run cycles from 4-6 months to 12-14 months with no forced outages and minimal time needed for welding and cladding repair.

1. Before IGS SMARTGard®

See the bare tube condition prior to the IGS SMARTGard® HVTS application. Notice hard edges around discontinuity from erosion damage where ash build-up has deviated material flow into the unprotected substrate.



2. IGS HVTS Applied

In order to prevent further substrate wastage IGS has cladded the area with HVTS as opposed to having to cut and replace tubes. Pictured is the area of low tube thickness now protected by IGS cladding.


3. Ceramic Top Coat

Once the cladding process has been completed, IGS applies a proprietary ceramic top coat as a wear indicator during future outage inspections to help navigate future coating plans.



4. After a 14-Month Run Cycle

The coated area after a 14-month run cycle appears on the right. The presence of ceramic top coat (Green) can still be identified meaning underlying thermal spray cladding is still at 100% as-applied condition.


The Benefits of SMARTGard®

HVTS cladding reduces tube wear and increases overall production. This reduces costs associated with maintenance from both planned maintenance and forced outages. Reducing the need for welding and eliminating the requirement for refractory in some areas minimizes critical path time needed for other trades and increases available heated surface.


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