Chlorine Corrosion in CFB Coal/Biomass Boilers


During two years in service, the IGS’ SMARTGard® solution which uses high velocity thermal spray solution safely protected pressure parts. As a result, a two-year maintenance contract has been agreed, extended to a three-year contract in 2021.





Straw was added to the fuel mix of two CFB boilers originally designed for coal firing (SKO Energo Power Station), leading to chlorine corrosion.


Following a failed thermal spray application by a different vendor, IGS was contracted to apply HVTS cladding as a pilot project in 2017.

chlorine corrosion
  • 2015 – Biomass (straw) added to the fuel mix.
  • 2016 – Severe chlorine corrosion-erosion identified. Third-party thermal spray coating failed to stop corrosion.
  • 2017 – IGS HVTS pilot project initiated. Application is a success, chlorine-induced corrosion-erosion is stopped.
  • 2019 – Two-year maintenance contract is signed between IGS and Sko Energo to continue protecting CFB boilers from further corrosion.
  • 2021 – Maintenance contract due to be extended for another three years.
chlorine corrosion


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