IGS Doubles The Life Of Smelt Spouts For Two Pulp Mills

Application and Delivery

Recovery boiler smelt spouts are critical to its continued reliable operation. Integrated Global Services have been administering thermal spray application to smelt spouts for two US Pulp Mills since 2011. These projects are performed at the Richmond shop facility within a two week turnaround. Between 2011 and 2019, IGS have protected over 70 smelt spouts from premature failure.


Smelt spouts had to be replaced every 12 months.


IGS applied a thermal spray cladding onto the smelt spouts, extending their life to 18-24 months.

Smelt Spouts Prior To Cladding

Surface Prepped

IGS Cladding Applied

Completed Application

IGS Quality Control Procedure

The spray material is applied to a nominal thickness of 12 mils. This process is observed using IGS quality control procedure. This procedure verifies the spray parameters, profile thickness, and nominal thickness per smelt spout are within the work specification. It also requires a quality control supervisor to sign off each smelt spout to verify the completion of work is done within these specifications.


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