Webinar: Furnace and Fired Heater Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

We invite you to join our live interactive webinar on “Furnace and Fired Heater Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction” scheduled for the 15th of November at 2PM CET.

Our Senior Process Engineer, Anton Korobeynikov, will share insights on how process modeling can identify efficiency gains and emissions reduction in furnace and fired heater systems.


Senior Process Engineers talk about how to estimate % efficiency gains with a thermal efficiency study and showcase the following application examples and results, published in PTQ digital refining:

– Tupras Izmir Refinery Robotic Convection Section Cleaning, PTQ 2020
– Ceramic Coating Application in a Refinery Steam Methane Reformer Furnace, pp 28-31, GAS 2020
– Tube Tech Reinstates Heat Transfer Efficiency of an Ethylene Furnace

Live interactive webinar takes place on the 15th of November, 2PM CET. On-demand viewing available.



Marina Silva

Marketing Manager


Anton Korobeynikov

Senior Process Engineer

Date: November 15

Location: Online

Duration: 60 minutes

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