Webinar: Optimizing Fired Heater and Furnace Efficiency

We invite you to join our live interactive webinar on “Optimizing Fire Heater and Furnace Efficiency” scheduled for the 6th of December at 9AM EST (2PM GMT).

Larry Emch, IGS Cetek SME, and Scott Donson, IGS Tube Tech SME, will review the impact of IGS energy efficiency solutions within two refineries: Tupras and MIDOR.


Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.Ş. is Europe’s 7th Largest Refinery Company, operating four refineries with a total capacity to handle an annual 30 mn tons of crude. Tüpraş built its 2050 Carbon Neutral target on the foundations of a clean energy portfolio and continues investments in biofuels, zero-carbon electricity and green hydrogen.

MIDOR is an Egyptian crude oil refining and high-quality petroleum products processing company. MIDOR is working on an Environmental Monitoring project of gaseous emissions and dust to maintain internal and external environment surrounding their site.


Marina Silva

Marketing Manager


Scott Donson

IGS Tube Tech SME

Larry Emch


Date: December 6

Location: Online

Duration: 60 minutes

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