SCR System Online Fouling Removal | Case Study Webinar

A plant in Texas was experiencing high-pressure drop across their SCR catalyst cartridges located on the Steam Methane Reformer.

Production rates had to be decreased from the design rate of 4,900MT/day to 4,600MT/day of methanol to accommodate the fouling and pressure differential.

With the next planned shutdown years away, the Plant preferred a solution that could be applied online without impacting the daily operations.

See how IGS Hot-tek helped the plant address this issue utilizing their patented (US 9, 745, 878 B2) Hot Vacuuming Service to clean the cartridges online.

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Marina Silva

Marketing Manager


Johnny Smatana

Hot-tek SME

Elizabeth Cano

IGS Gulf Coast Technical Rep

Date: April 12 - April 12

Location: On24

Duration: 40 minutes

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