Newsroom - Mar 28, 2014

Integrated Global Services (IGS) Announces Successful Application of Over 30,000 Square Feet of UTEx 5-420®, UTEx 5-620®, and Other Corrosion-Resistant Materials to Major Oil Refineries and Processing Plants

RICHMOND, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Integrated Global Services (IGS), an emerging global leader in corrosion-resistant cladding technologies and solutions, announced today that it has successfully protected over 30,000 square feet of surface within critical oil and gas processing units in North America, Europe, and Asia during the first half of 2012. Among the various materials utilized in these corrosion applications was UTEx 5-620®, a proprietary IGS formulation co-developed in conjunction with the technology center of a major global energy company. Several applications were for an oil refinery in Kazakhstan, which has worked with IGS for over 10 years to protect over 50 processing vessels, including amine regenerators, contactors, waste heat boilers, reactors, KO pots, caustic scrubbers, flash drums, high pressure separators, H²S absorbers, and other vessels against corrosion. In many instances, these applications upgraded the existing Belzona®, Carboline®, or other protective coating system and increased the expected useful life of the vessel. Moreover, since IGS UTEx® materials do not affect the substrate’s heat affected zone (“HAZ”), no pre- or post-weld heat treatment is required, as is in the case with weld overlay applications.

“IGS protects critical processing units in some of the largest refineries in the world with proprietary materials, such as our UTEx 5-620®,” stated Iain Hall, Chief Technology Officer of Integrated Global Services. “The UTEx 5-620® system provides a superior solution for corrosion protection of vessels, tanks, and other high temperature, critical equipment due to its excellent metallurgical properties as well as combination of other qualities such as uniform morphology and low permeability, which enables it to stand up to a wide range of the harshest petrochemical operating environments. These materials enable us to secure long-term agreements with many customers focused on superior equipment reliability.”

About IGS Proprietary UTEx® Materials

UTEx® materials represent advanced protective cladding systems which are well-documented to provide superior corrosion and/or erosion protection with no impact to the substrate’s heat affected zone. UTEx® materials are solely available through IGS, a global developer and applicator of surface protection solutions for mission-critical equipment, and are deployed through proprietary application equipment using stringent quality control standards developed in-house at IGS.

About Integrated Global Services

Integrated Global Services, Inc., is an international private equity-backed provider of surface protection solutions. With headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, USA, IGS operates subsidiaries, affiliates and sales offices around the world. The Company has over 30 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage problems in mission-critical equipment.

IGS is an industry leader in the development and application of solutions for metal erosion and corrosion problems in challenging operating environments. IGS is a specialist in global on-site solutions, but also maintains significant shop production capabilities. The Company performs failure analysis, metallurgical testing, and ongoing research dedicated to improving cladding technologies in its Technology Research Center. In doing so, IGS collaborates with the top materials research and development laboratories of premier energy companies and post-graduate educational programs.

Additional information about the Company and its products can be found at its WebsiteLinkedIn Site, and Facebook Site.