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Critical Maintenance Project at a Flagship Paper Mill

This critical maintenance project was completed at an international paper making company’s flagship US mill with state-of-the-art technologies utilized in their paper making process.

Kevin Phillips, IGS Industrial Applications Project Management Expert, commented: “This was the cleanest paper mill I have worked in in 24 years. Usually, you have black liquor and smelt all over the place. It was immaculate.”

The mill has 2 black liquor recovery boilers with composite tubing in lower elevations and thermal spray applied coating in higher elevations.

Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Corrosion Protection

The coating on the first four feet on all four walls was originally applied in 2000, 20 years ago, by Metalspray® (the former name of Integrated Global Services, IGS). Another thermal spray vendor then extended the scope up to 14 feet. This application was being maintained up to the present day.

2020 Turnaround

The mill was seeing a vast majority of corrosion at the root welds, where composite meets the carbon. 240sq.f area of the composite/steel interface weld line was protected on the right wall. Because of its age, the coating did not respond favorably to repair attempts and, as a result, flew off the wall, so the project turned into 312sq.f. of repairs using High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS).

Root weld corrosion and ageing cladding failure:

IGS Project Schedule and Completion

The assigned Project Engineer was extremely pleased with the performance and professionalism of the crew on site, commending the IGS project manager and the team for their work.

HVTS cladding applied:

Project Execution during Covid-19

“This mill had similar procedures to other pulp and paper mills we have worked with recently, in terms of minimizing the risks associated with this novel coronavirus”, said Kevin. “We were provided with site specific guidelines and regulations for the protection of everyone on site. Daily temperature checks, facial coverings, and daily reports to the safety department took place as standard.”

The next project is being planned in unit 1 in 2021. IGS and the paper mill are currently Identifying a convenient time to discuss options for stripping and replacing the 20-year-old cladding. The mill managers were considering weld overlay or composite tubing, but now they have seen IGS work, they may are open to using HVTS.

Black Liquor Recovery Boilers | How to Prevent Corrosion | Interview with Experts

In this webinar, Kevin Phillips, Paul Strauss and Patrick Fitzgerald, boiler reliability experts, have been interviewed about their experience in metal wastage mitigation in recovery boilers. The speakers discussed the pros and cons of various commonly used recovery boiler reliability techniques, including pad welding, the use of composite tubes, and thermal spray cladding. They have also covered new developments and how they are improving best practices and strategies to improve boiler reliability while reducing maintenance time and costs.

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Project Execution during the Global Pandemic

In 2020, IGS is set to complete at least 273 projects, keeping essential infrastructure going, by preventing corrosion, erosion, and fouling within Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical Producers, Pulp & Paper, Mining/Metals, Cement Plants, and other facilities.


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IGS Covid Response

In these unprecedented times, delivering specialized services for mission-critical equipment in the energy sector can be a challenge. To this, we say – Challenge Accepted! For IGS, it is essential to keep delivering the quality of services that our clients around the world are expecting from us, so they, in turn, can continue to provide critically important services such as power and other energy products to the world economy.

IGS teams are stationed in multiple strategic locations around the world, that enables speedy mobilization of our crews to the various job sites. From maintaining critical infrastructure in Poland, to ensuring the reliability of Petrochemical Complexes in the Middle East, while completing colossal projects in Japan, Indonesia, France, and the USA, IGS has never stopped delivering projects across the globe.

Every day, our dedicated local teams continue to perform safely and efficiently in these challenging conditions. IGS’s top priority remains the health and safety of our people, and the customer’s personnel. All while ensuring the reliability of the most critical energy and chemical producers to facilitate the continuity of essential services in these challenging times.

At the end include links to other projects and a shortlist of all projects completed and I also have additional information about our Covid response.

Going Digital: Continuing Education and Information Sharing during the Pandemic

IGS have continued sharing best practices, information, and general education through webinars, white papers, and videos, collaborating with prominent industry associations, including NACE, Refining Community, Euro Petroleum Consultants, and AmmoniaKnowHow, among others.


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IGS is here to provide information, answer questions and create an effective solution for your needs.