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Hot Vacuum Services of Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst Banks (HVS)

Cleaning Selective Catalyst Banks in SCRs

Cetek’s patent pending Hot Vacuum Service (HVS) was specially introduced for cleaning catalyst banks in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) units attached to steam methane reformers, fired heaters, etc., during unit operation, with no interruption to production, and offering rapid payback of associated costs.

HVS returns operation to maximum efficiency by restoring the pressure differential across the catalyst to an “as-new” condition, eliminating wasted energy consumption, strain on the ID fan motor, and potential curtailment of production due to gas flow blockage or excessive NOx production.

The hot vacuum service is possible with any catalyst configuration, vertical, or horizontal flue gas flow direction. In some applications, Cetek’s Lancescope™ system is used to see hard to reach areas.

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